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I recently read an article that said inspiration could be just a pint of beer away – and by our reasonning – if one beer makes you creative, then a few beers would make you really creative, right?




And so it was, over a few SaiWhaaattt?! Saisons at our #BeTheBrewer beer launch party back in March, that we started discussing the idea of some craft beer fans renewing their wedding vows at the beer festival. At first we were just joking around, but after more discussions, and more beer, the idea started to take shape.


Tamara Konrad and her husband Colin will be renewing their vows on the RAHR Malting Cask Stage at the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival, Friday, June 1st at the Edmonton Expo Centre. James (pictured above) will be conducting the ceremony wearing at least part of his Elvis outfit – we say part because he still hasn’t found the pants. Below is a copy of the very beer infused vows. This is something you won’t often see – and by often I’m thinking ever – so if you can, you should be there to check it out. And if you are looking for a cool reception idea, the Beer Newly Weds will be tapping a cask at 7:45pm on that same cask stage as soon as the ceremony ends.


Dearly beloved beer drinkers,

We have gathered beer today to join this man and this woman in hoppy matrimony, in true brewmance.

Feel free to take pictures… or drink them.

And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.

Renewal of Vows:

Colin, do you plan to keep this woman around to be your Hefe-wife-sen,

to live, to love, and to drink the bubz,

to get Advil for her tomorrow, and to honor her, for as long as you both shall drink?”

Man answers, “I brew

Tamara, do you plan to keep this man around as your hus-bock,

to live, to love and to drink the bubz,

to get him more tickets if he runs out tonight, and not to get mad when he snores all night, for as long as you both shall drink?”

Woman answers, “I brew

“Repeat after me.”

“I, Colin, take you Tamara, to be my Hefe-wife-sen, <<pause>>  for bitter or for worse, for ale of our lives

“I, Tamara, take you Colin to be my hus-bock <<pause>> for bitter or for worse, for ale of our lives.

Exchange of coasters:

Hold on to each others heart like these cheap coasters hold beer, in your pursuit of hoppiness, together.

It’s the yeast that you can do

You may now tap that.

Or kiss.

I now pronounce you buzzed and in love.


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Thanks and we’ll see you at the event!

Bill Robinson

President – Alberta Beer Festivals