Okay, so we here at Alberta Beer Festivals (ABF) are quite literally counting down the seconds to our Spring events. That’s why we’ve introduced our handy countdown clocks for each respective event. The ABF office is humming with activity, making sure we’ve got our brands properly represented in ad campaigns, we’ve been producing a video a week with our #ABFBeerRun series, AND we’ve been in contact with your favourite breweries and restaurants ahead of announcing via this website who will be attending. We thank our loyal followers and  newly appointed brand ambassadors for your patience.

ABFwebsiteHero_AmbassadorWhat? Haven’t heard about the ABF Ambassador program? It’s an initiative our sales guru, Dillon, came up with to help make sure the people who promote us on the ground level get recognized for the work they already do. Word of mouth communication is already one of the best tools for the beer industry, so we figure, why not  add to that by giving you some incentives?

Makes sense, right?

We hope you’re all getting excited alongside us for the Calgary International Beerfest (May 1 -2), and the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival (June 5-6), and please be patient with us, as we figure out when to let you know which breweries and restaurants will be participating at this year’s festivals.


– Brett Hopper (BH) Director of Creative Content at Alberta Beer Festivals