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Revy Beer Festival



Alberta Beer Festivals creates the space for craft breweries and craft distilleries to share their stories, passions and products with consumers from Canada and around the world. We generate positive impacts on the craft beer and spirit industries, local charities, and within our community.




The Calgary International Beerfest is not only Canada’s largest beer festival, it has grown to be one of the top 5 biggest and best beer festivals in the world. The CIBF brings together over 200 craft breweries and distilleries to showcase over 700 types of beers, spirits, ciders and meads. Hear great stories in the Brew Master Seminars, learn to cook and pair beer with food in the Cooking with Beer Seminars, explore the emerging craft distillery industry in the distillery district. Sample from 25+ amazing restaurants and eateries, enjoy the music & DJ stages, sports screens and other entertainment scattered throughout the festival. Most importantly, have an amazing time!


The Edmonton Craft Beer Festival has grown to be one of the biggest and best festivals in Canada, and is one of the fastest growing beer festivals in North America. The ECBF brings together over 150 craft breweries and distilleries to showcase over 400 types of beers, spirits, ciders and meads. Hear great stories in the Brew Master Seminars, learn to cook and pair beer with food in the Cooking with Beer Seminars, explore the emerging craft distillery industry in distillery district, sample from 15+ amazing restaurants and eateries, enjoy the stages, screens and other entertainment scattered throughout the festival, and most importantly, have an amazing time!


The Banff Craft Beer Festival is the most beautiful beer festival in the world! This unique festival showcases the iconic town of Banff which is nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Sample amazing food from some of Banff’s world class restaurants and eateries, and taste the best Alberta’s craft breweries and distilleries have to offer.


Your mountain adventure awaits! The Jasper Beer & Spirit Festival, hosted at the world renowned Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, is a weekend full of flavours, adventures and fun. Your weekend package includes a welcome reception, Friday and Saturday night sampling festivals featuring amazing craft distilleries and breweries, 5 meals prepared by the world-renowned chefs from JPL, and the option to take part in a wide range of activities such as listening to some of the best brewers and distillers in the world share their stories, cooking with beer demonstrations from incredible partner chefs, a fun game of shinny on the lake, snowshoeing treks, canyon tours and more. Extend your stay with the Super Bowl package on the Sunday night to get even more out of your weekend.


Everything is better in the mountains! Taste mountain culture at the Revy Beer Festival! Imagine hitting some of the best slopes in North America at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, then rolling up to the Revelation Lodge for an epic festival experience! Join us as we celebrate the end of winter in style with spring skiing, a beer festival on the mountain, all in one of the world’s most beautiful resort towns. Not only will you be able to sample from an incredible selection of craft beers and spirits plus amazing foods from RMR, you’ll enjoy epic mountain views and an unbelievable mountain vibe! Then once the festival is over, you can keep the fun going at the after party in the village at the base of the hill.

Benefits of Participation in ABF Events:

  1. Generate positive brand assocaiton in integrating yourself into a community of over 250 local businesses in Alberta’s rapidly growing craft beer and spirit industries
  2. Customize your booth space to fit your marketing goals
  3. Take advantage of the extensive media and communications campaigns
  4. Gain brand exposure to 100,000+ people at our 6 annual festivals
  5. Heighten your visibility through positive brand exposure
  6. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by aligning yourself with a world class brand

People who attend ABF Festivals are:

  • Active in the community:
    • 91% of whom say that they go out once a month
    • 76% who say they go out once a week
    • 68% home owners
    • 32% renters
  • People that lead an active lifestyle:
    • 89% said that they exercised 2 or more times per week
  • People with money to spend:
    • 85% said that they had an annual average household income of $100,000+
  • Brand Aware:
    • An amazing 98% indicated that “YES”, they would be purchasing a product they had seen at the event

Revelstoke Beer Festival

April 5 & 6, 2024


Logistics + FAQs

  • Thank you for joining ABF at the upcoming Revy Beer Festival! 
  • Below are some important details about festival logistics and frequently asked questions.  
  • To ensure that you maximize the value of your participation, read this information carefully and share with your team.


Festival Location

  • This year’s Revy Beer Festival will be located at the world-famous Revelstoke Mountain Resort in beautiful Revelstoke, British Columbia!


What’s Included in The Registration Fee?

  • Beverage Vendors
      • 8′ x 8′ booth space
      • 1 x 8′ table 
      • 2 x exhibitor passes per day – these will be emailed 1 week prior to the festival.
  • Note: Pipe & drape, tablecloths and skirting are not provided for this festival

How Does Sampling Redemption Work?

  • Sample tokens are sold to guests for $1 each. 
  • Vendors will receive $0.50 for each token collected.
  • Alcohol Samples – minimum of 2 sample tokens


Exhibitor Load & Strike Schedule

  • Set-up
    • Friday, April 5
      • 9:00AM – 3:00PM
  • Tear Down
    • Saturday, April 6
      • 9:30PM – 11:30PM


Public Event Times

  • Friday 
    • 5:00PM: Doors Open & Sampling Begins
    • 9:00PM: No Entry
    • 9:15PM: Sample Token Sales End
    • 9:30PM: Last Call for Alcohol
    • 10:00PM: Event/Consumption Ends
  • Saturday Afternoon 
    • 12:00PM: Doors Open & Sampling Begins
    • 3:00PM: No Entry
    • 3:15PM: Sample Token Sales End
    • 3:30PM: Last Call for Alcohol
    • 4:00PM: Afternoon Session Ends
  • Saturday Evening 
    • 5:00PM: Doors Open & Sampling Begins 
    • 8:00PM: No Entry
    • 8:15PM: Sample Token Sales End
    • 8:30PM: Last Call for Alcohol
    • 9:00PM: Event/Consumption Ends


LCRB, Health & Fire Department – Policies & Reminders

  • Be sure to read and understand all information forwarded to you by FIRE regarding festival participation.
  • All vendors must have hand sanitizer at their booth!
  • All canopies must have attached tags that confirm that they are fire-rated and approved for indoor use.  There are no exceptions!
  • Be sure to read and understand all information forwarded to you by LRCB regarding festival participation.
    • No minors allowed in the venue – this includes working at booths in any capacity!
    • No consuming alcohol behind your booth for any reason.
    • Products cannot be “pre-mixed” – all cocktail samples must be prepared on-site.
  • All vendors serving alcohol must have Serving It Right Certification – and you must have proof.  (Please note that ProServe may be accepted but each vendor is responsible to confirm this prior to the festival.)
  • All samples must be exchanged for sample tokens – no cash sales are permitted
  • Maximum Sample Sizes:
    • Beer, Cider, RTDs – 4 ounces
    • Spirits – ½ ounce
  • Sample tokens are $1.00 each 
  • Minimum of 2 tokens per sample


Additional FAQ’s

  • I need my product chilled – how do we do this?
    • There will also be ice available – more details to follow soon. 
  • Need to rent or purchase a draught unit?
    • Contact Craig with Everclear Draught Services –
  • Are we allowed to sell merchandise at the festival?
    • These are sampling festivals and selling product is not permitted
  • I have more questions – who should I contact?


  1. There is to be no over-serving of alcohol under any circumstances. If you have a problem with any patron, please inform Security or the Police on site.
  2. Absolutely no cash transactions for alcohol are permitted.
  3. No free sampling. Minimum two tokens per sample.
  4. All persons responsible for the serving or handling of alcohol for an exhibitor booth before, during or after the event must comply with all provincial legal certification requirements and laws. [4oz. samples is the law]. You must have valid ProServe or Servicing It Right Certification or to pour alcohol and you must have proof on you at all times during the festival to show to Alberta Gaming Liquor Cannabis (AGLC) or BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB).
  5. Serving either prior to or after the specified hours that the event is open to the public is in no way permitted.
  6. With the exception of exhibitor beer bottles which must be emptied into the plastic sampling cups by the exhibitors themselves, absolutely no glassware is permitted anywhere on site or under any circumstances. NO FULL BOTTLES. 4 oz. samples only, to a maximum of two samples per person.
  7. Each exhibitor will receive event exhibitor passes emailed to them in advance of the event which must be presented upon entry to the event. Upon presentation, exhibitors will be given a wristband that they must keep on for the duration of that session. No exceptions.
  8. No refunds for any vendors who register for the festival.
  9. Exhibitors may not share booth space without the express written consent of the show organizers.
  10. Food and eatery booths must obtain written permission from event organizers before distributing alcohol in any form, in compliance with the AGLC or LCRB. They must also comply with all AHS regulations and can be shut down without refund for non-compliance.
  11. Exhibitors must disclose any and all beverages/food that will be sampled by the public during the event.
  12. All exhibitors must abide by all local health, safety, alcohol, fire and all municipal, provincial and federal laws at their own cost.
  13. A minimum of two staff members must be present in each exhibitor booth at all times to ensure both safety and quality.
  14. All exhibitors must maintain their booths in a respectable order. This means that all exhibitors are responsible for bagging their own trash and that all recyclables/empties are neatly bagged or re-boxed. At the end of each evening, all garbage and recyclables/empties must be placed in front of your booth for pick up.
  15. Booths must be fully operational throughout all posted hours of the event. Any exhibitor that tears down earlier than posted event times indicated on the contract will be assessed a non- negotiable $250/hour charge.
  16. The organizer’s posted load in, set up, and strike load out times must be adhered to without exception. Special arrangements must be adhered to without exception. Special arrangements must be made well in advance of the event – minimum of one week from set up date. All additional charges for electricians, forklifts etc. will be charged back to that exhibitor.
  17. All exhibitors must have proper liability insurance in the amount of $3,000,000 (three million dollars) for participation in Alberta Beer Festivals events, and must name ‘Alberta Beer Festivals Inc.’ as additionally insured.
  18. Do have fun. Do NOT drink & drive!
  19. Non-compliance with any of these rules and policies will result in immediate fines.

All Beverage Registration

(Breweries, Distilleries, Ciders, Meads, etc.)

Registration Starts August 1, 2022