By: Bill Robinson On: January 02, 2017 In: Beer, Brewing & Breweries, Contests Comments: 0

Congrats to the “You Choose the Style” Winner Kevin M. Our Spring Festival Beer is a WitBier! Thanks to everyone who voted!

We think it might be your destiny to Name the Beer…

Anyone who says that a name isn’t important should ask themselves, ‘Have I ever heard of a president or noble prize winner called Destiny?” Point made.

We’ve all tried to name something at some point in our lives. Maybe you’ve named a car (I miss you Stephanie), a kid (hopefully your own), a pet (R.I.P. P-Diddy, you were a good fish), a partner’s special body part (like their eyes – get your mind out of the gutter!) Regardless of what you have tried to name, have you ever been rewarded for it? Probably not (especially if that kid has grown into a teenager or if your pets are as indifferent to your existence as mine are to me – forget the money you may have had to pour into your vehicle….)

Well ABF wants to give you a positive naming experience! We want you to name our 2017 Spring Festival Beer in our #BetheBrewer contest! ABF believes that the name of a beer is aking to the first impression you make when you meet someone, (should we ever meet – please don’t let your handshake be the equivalent of putting a dead fish in my hand…). If your name is chosen, not only will you have bragging rights, you’ll also win some amazing prizes – including the chance to brew the beer and invite people to try ‘your’ beer at the Calgary International Beerfest (May 5/6) or the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival (June 2/3). Have any of the other things you’ve named ever let you do that? Didn’t think so.

The naming portion of the contest has begun! Check out the contest at: Be the Brewer